Saturday, December 5, 2009


I still remember, back in my MMU years...i enrolled in a painting class . I always love painting but never had the real/good chance to explore and learn properly. I used to go for Art Classes, but they never thought me how to paint properly..yet art classes are the only class i look forward to go ! Playing with colors, mixing wuth colors, men'comot'kan yourself, and the best part is..turning the white canvas into a piece of artwork.  Here in Kedah, as I have so much free time right now, I decided to paint. I am not a great artist , I may not have the skills, but I enjoyed every moment of it! So, in 1 week, I managed to paint 2 paintings.

Painting 1 :  The Lonely Bird

Painting 2 : The lonely Owl.

Basically, I confined my subject matter in a circle to show the limited space a subject could be. It's just like me. I am now confined in an area in Kedah, where I could see limited things. My world is now all by my own and my surroundings are still empty without friends, and entertainment. The bird represents a soul that tries to color life in a positive and colorful way while the owl   represents me at night, where sometimes i have trouble sleeping at night and being awake most of the time. :)

I plan to do more paintings, I have ideas running in my mind now, but I just dont have the mood yet...:) 

Friday, December 4, 2009

My lunch.

Staying alone here all the way in Kedah sometimes could be interesting. Here, I do not favor eating outside. It's just not interesting around my neighborhood unless I drive to Sg. Petani which is 15 mins from my house...then i can have more options. Since most of the time i'll be at home, I ve spent my time cooking for myself..Anyway, today I woke up, had breakfast..had a good time watching Laksamana Do Re Mi on astro prima...And i went to the kitchen , and I cooked .............

Lamb chop! :) I marinated the lamb for half an hour ( coz I cant wait to cook). While waiting for the lamb, I boiled the potato and an egg and I did the gravy , mushroom sauce at the same time. By the time Im done with the gravy and the mashed potato, I grilled the lamb!  Honestly, it tasted really good! ( hahaha perasan)..

The best part is , I learn how to cook here , and the sad part is , I am eating all alone. Haih..kan best if u have someone by ur side eating with you..tkpe takpe...:) Im all good... :) To make me feel better, I bought my fav ice cream for dessert. I bought 4 mini tubs, with different flavours...and I started with this. "Banana Cream" flavor. Simply delicious....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Shananah, my very good friend is officialy engaged! :) congratulations shanah. You look so pretty and all beautiful that day. I was excited and was very happy for you. Hope this will be another start , another way to boost your current love with your fiancee, muiz!

Wishing you all the happiness, all the love, all the good things for you and muiz. You know I will always love you despite how much Muiz loves you! :)  Congratulations once again shananah! Waiting for your big day pulak! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Faces, since primary school.

Masa Darjah 5..

This entry is specially for my primary school friends, to be exact, 2 primary school friends, Fidah and Yanti as we are friends since primary school days till today.The ones that I still keep in touch and communicate even how busy our lives could be. I have so called a group before, Yanti,fidah, julie, ain semua..tapi semua mcm tak rapat sgt...
I purposely didnt put their pictures or acknowledge their name in the previous entry as I felt they need to be credited for being my friends over than 20 years. They deserve a special entry ...

Let's start with Fidah. Her name is Afidah Abdul Aziz. We were in the same class from Darjah 2 zamrud. She's funny.Very funny i would say. being with her, u will never feel bored, or u will always feel entertained. After 20 years, she has turned to be a really beautiful secretary.She loves when people compliments her ..all the time. "Comel""lawa""gorjes" "Paling comel" "hot" :) Sometimes, menyampah jugak kan dgn kegedikan dia, but that's who Fidah is.... Very bubbly, and veyr entertaining. Fidah, even though I might not call u everyday like we used to, but i still check your FB  everyday and the latest thing I discovered, you're into Farmville. :)  ...Fidah ni ramai peminat..No wonder la why ramai kan..She's pretty, she's tall.pandai kemas rumah,pandai masak..kira calon menantu yg baikla....and her love is very loyal..Sapa sapa yg dpt dia mmg untung lah..I recommend la....Tapi she's taken now.. :) Good luck .InsyaAllah korang berkekalan.

Yanti Suraya. Another friend from primary school. Kira satu geng la ngan fidah..Ada lagi actually...fisya, julie, ain, ngan si cina (lupa nama dia..yg slalu ikut g swimming)...Yanti is a friend that I know will always be there for me...Yanti ni jenis slamber je..rileks je...Can be garang at times, but very emotional too..Lately i discovered her talent in singing...terrer gile ok nyanyi! hehe
She 's a good friend, and undeniably a good daughter.She can cook anything u want her to cook. She will also travel all the way from Klang to see me or sleep over my house sometimes.But i know Yanti, I never been to your lovely house. One day, I promise I will ok. Bukan aku taknak, tapi banyak sgt benda berlaku...and I promise we go fish spa tu gak ok..hehe  So yanti, ade bf baru, teddy bear baru, jaga elok elok ok :) Aku doakan kau akan berkekalan juga sampai bila bila...:)

Anyway, till today ( InsyaAllah) and till forever I hope and pray, we ve been thru ups and downs together. We have learned about each other a lot. Since both of us are 26 now, I believe we know whats best for us. For me, we should always stick together to be great friends till the day we die..I wanna see you engaged, getting married, bersalin, being a good mother and during our golden days. 

Honestly,I truly miss u guys, miss all the gelak ketawa, all the singing in the car, all the gedikness, and everything that we have been thru.Love you guys no matter what. :) You guys are the best friends I ever had.  Thank you for every thing that you guys have done and sorry If i ever hurt you guys in any way. I truly am sorry ok . 

p/s : fisya ( need to keep in touch with her!)

Faces I miss.

My parents.

My Brother 

My sister

My good friends, Pet and Shanah

My another group of good friends, Hez, Dar, and Rahmah ( Put, takde gamba ok :) I still love u)

My lovely cousins, Bushro and Bishri

These are the people that I truly miss. Hope to see them the soonest! Miss u guys and definitely love you.

P/s: Im going back to KL this Thursday! weee !


Wherever you work, you can never run from work...EXTRA work.

In UiTM, I knew nothing comes easy. Even in HELP Uni before, I still need to do the extra work...but the appreciation is awesome.I am not sure in UiTM as this would be my first ever experience. Anyway, today, I was asked to help with the other two lecturers, Zahira and Yuni for a new event " Kem Anak Gemilang". We are required to come out with banner, buntings, tags, etc...

Apparently, due to time constraint, we decided to stick with this concept. The others are using this concept to create the other items. Enough for today i guess. Feel like eating Pizza Hut, and am heading to Sg.Petani to eat Pizza. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Being an adult. :)

I realized, that I am an adult now. I should have probably realized it al long time ago,  but it only shoot me in my head that 
" Neesa, you're really an adult!". Why do I say so? All these while, I've been staying with my parents in Ampang. Ahh even talking about Ampang makes me wanna drive all the way back to KL and sleep in my room! How i miss my home...
Anyway, now, since im working in KEDAH, I need to stay alone. I could actually rent a room and share eveyrthing with other people, but I just dont feel comfortable staying in with strangers. I prefer to be alone. So, I rented the whole house all by myself. 
Plus, the cost of living here is quite reasonable. My house is only RM250 per month..I dont think I could get that cheap in KL.
Infact, neighbours been saying that RM250 is quite expensive, they could get RM180 /200...Anyway, my father thought it was a good deal, so he just grabbed it. I am quite satisfied with the condition of the house.  The interior is quite new, but the exterior, memang mcm teruk sket as no one stayed here before me. I feel like painting the house, but my dad said " Ni rumah sewa neesa..takpayh ngade ngade sangat "...hehe 

Ok. This is basically the living hall. The place where I will always be watching TV. Back in ampang, I seldom watch TV or bother to look the future programs in Astro..butttt here in KEDAH, I can be an expert now. Hahah everyday, Ill be watching TV and always hope ASTRO offers good TV programmes for that day. Unfortunately, Astro always disappoint me. They love to repeat the same show over and over again. So if there's nothing to watch on Astro, I'll be watching my favourite TV series, Desperate Housewives. Need to buy new TV series to keep me occupied.

This is the other view of the living hall. See tempat sterika tu? It is now my meja too..hehe and oh my lovely plants and fishes....

Since I dont have proper furniture, this is how I stack my books to become a mini table and placed my lamp shade on top of it.

My room. Takda barang sgt..setakat tilam je.....Lamp shade tu saya angkut from rumah..Satu kat living hall, satu dalam bilik...
Malam malam, bilik ni sejuk gile..Kipas no 1, pakai 2 selimut ok...alhamdulilah, so far, malam malam I can sleep quite well and tak rasa takut sgt...TIba tiba dah pagi...:)

The special corner in my room where I usually put my laptop and tertidor. 

Since Im staying alone, I have allocated one room for my wardrobe. So baju baju semua dalam bilik ni. And I asked org kampung to help me create rod ni for me to hang my baju. My dad kinda like the idea and asked the same man to create one for his room back in Ampang. This room takde kipas, so if nak tidor this room pun boleh, but I dont recommend la becoz its full with my baju and bags.
My kitchen. My fridge. My dapur masak. The kitchen is quite big...lagi lagi takde furniture...mmg besar...anyway, look at the fridge magnets...Thanks Pety and Zul for contributing to my fridge magnets...hehhe 

My one and only "Kassim". Always there to bring me around when I am super duper bored at home. :) I never love and item as much as I love my  "Kassim". :)

This is the first entry bout my home sweet home in Kedah. Hope you guys could have a better visualization bout my home. :)